New Bespoke Cigars blend (EN)

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Last week I had great opportunity to meet Jeremy Casdagli, founder and co-owner of Bespoke Cigars based in Estonia. He is very nice guy. We had a really fantastic conversation during Whisky&Cigar Night where we smoked Rosetta and Basilica C #1 cigars. They were great cigars but post is not about them. At the end of conversation Jeremy gave me one cigar that its not yet on the market. It’s completely new blend which will be introduced later this year and will be relaunch of their “Daughters of the wind” line. He promised me that when I smoke it I will be surprised and he was right.

About Bespoke Cigars:

The Casdagli family has been trading tobacco, coffee, cotton and grain since the end of the 18th century. About 20 years ago Jeremy went to Cuba where he made his first cigar which he called Bespoke. At the beginning company were making small batch of cigars for their most important clients like Saudi royal family and various celebrities. About 8 years ago their torcedore Carlos Valdèz Mosquera retired and they weren’t able to produce such good cigars in Cuba anymore. After few years of experiments Jeremy met Hendrik Kelner Jr., the son of the legendary Hendrik Kelner and started producing cigars in Dominican Republic.  Bespoke Cigars are made now by seven rollers in KBF and production is currently about 200.000 cigars per annum consisting of 5 lines of cigars. 4 of these lines are made at KBF in Dominican Republic and 1 line is made in Costa Rica.

Bespoke Cigars


Cigar look great, milk chocolate in colour, smooth and oily. Construction is flawless. The cigar is tightly filled but no issues with draw. I do not remember so perfectly rolled cigar. Always have to relight cigar in 3rd third but not this time. Burns sharp, amazing white stable and firm ash and tones of smoke.


This Bespoke cigar deliver  a mix of wood, cedar, and black pepper notes. Later I felt chocolate, dark coffee, nuts and lether.  This cigar keep the wonderful flavors all the way from beginning till the very end.


Such a wonderful cigar. Can’t wait when this blend will be official and I could buy another one and recommend you to do the same.